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Foreigner’s troubles and loves in Czechia

What worries foreigners in Czechia and what they love I asked my students what are their biggest problems in the Czech Republic. Here are their answers. You can compare them to your experience. Foreigners in Czechia – problems Family and friends are far away and foreigners miss close contact. Office/authority negotiations, especially at the beginning. […]

Congratulations in Czech

Your Czech friend or colleague celebrates his birthday. What do you say to him? Your friend gave birth to a child. What do you say to her? Your colleague got married. What do you say to her? Your brother got a great job. What do you say to him? Can you say congratulations in Czech? […]

Hodíte, nebo chodíte? or H is not CH

Czech pronunciation: H/CH Is Czech pronunciation a problem for you? I offer you another short training. Today´s topic: consonants H and CH. H Sound H is produced in the larynx. Your lips are in a neutral position, a bit open, the tongue is quiet. H is a voiced consonant, your vocal cords vibrate – put […]

Bake Czech Christmas cookies

The Czechs bake cookies for Christmas. There are small pieces of confectionery. Some families prepare about five kinds of them, others thirty! You can buy it in a shop but if you prepare it by yourself it will taste better. Try an easy recipe for white and dark small balls.