I teach Czech using a communication method. Groups or one-to-one courses with respect for your needs.


I proofread Czech texts to make you sure your documents are ready to be sent to the public.

Preparation for exams

I prepare you for passing a Czech exam, e.g. for permanent residence (A2), Czech citizenship (B1), university etc.

I have taught

320+ students ••• 50+ nationalities ••• 120+ students for exams

Blog news

Object, object, object – it is an accusative

Do you struggle with accusative? Do you know its endings but you don´t know how to use them? Has your teacher still corrected you? I can hear my students use accusative incorrectly, even B1 or B2 students. Let´s have a look at how accusative…

Baťa – the first Czech selfmademan

We have been wearing Baťa shoes for more than 120 years. On the 21st of September 1894, three siblings founded a small shoe company Baťa. But soon, it became a large shoe empire. Baťa shoes – that´s a brand and Baťa was the first Czech…

Burning witches

Burning witches is a tradition celebrated at night from the 30th of April to the 1st of May. We call this night „Filipojakubská night“ as well. What do the Czechs do? And who is a witch? Burning witches History People have been…

Learn Czech in the kitchen

Cook and learn Czech with an e-book. 4 recipes, handouts for practising Czech (from A1 level), CZ-EN dictionary, methodical notes for teachers.