Czech lessons for foreigners

I can help you if

  • you have come to the Czech Republic and would like to start learning Czech.
  • you have been staying in the Czech Republic for a longer time and you still don´t understand Czech people very well.
  • you speak and understand Czech well but you need to learn professional Czech language.
  • you live in the Czech Republic, you speak and understand Czech well but people tell you have an accent and make mistakes.
  • you study a Czech school and you need to improve your Czech.
  • you need a preparation for an exam: exam for permanent stay, Czech citizenship, entrance exam to high school or university.
  • you live abroad and you are going to travel to the Czech Republic (to study, to work, for a holiday…).
  • you need a help with a particular situation, e.g. to write an application, a letter, to prepare yourself for a job interview etc.
  • you are a company employing non-native Czech speakers and you would like to offer them a Czech language course.

What I teach and how

I teach Czech for foreigners. I’ve been teaching private lessons as well as for language schools. I´m experienced in groups and also one-to-one courses. Teaching  various ability levels  has given me the opportunity to use a wide range of teaching skills, always with respect for student´s needs. My education in pedagogy, interest in psychology and long experience in teaching allow me to help my students to develop their language skills efficiently.
I use a communication method of teaching. You learn to communicate in specific life situations (e.g. orientation, shopping, travelling etc.) – you are able to use  necessary vocabulary, phrases, grammar and you will be familiar with Czech culture habits. You  learn how to speak, write and understand Czech people.

If you need to know proffesional language we will also include it.

But the most important point is when, where and how you would like to use Czech. We  together  prepare a study plan for you according to this. Then your study will be as useful as possible.

I like using text books, e.g. Čeština expres (authors Lída Holá a Pavla Bořilová) or Čeština pro cizince (Marie Boccou Kestřánková et al.). However, we choose  a book which will be the most convenient for you. Or we work with other materials without a book.
I also use additional handouts which I prepare for you. This includes audios, videos, games, on-line materials, newspaper etc. From time to time we can practise what you have learned in real situations.

Lessons take place usually online (via Zoom or Skype) or in your office, at home or somewhere else depends on our agreement.

45, 60 or 90minutes lessons  are the most frequent. .

From the beggining we try to communicate in Czech. If neccesery, e.g. in a case of grammar explanation or at the very beggining of the learning, we can use English or Russian.


Group 45min. lesson 60min. lesson 90min. lesson
1 student 500 CZK 600 CZK 850 CZK
2 students 450 CZK /1 student 540 CZK /1 student 765 CZK /1 student
3 and more students 400 CZK /1 student 480 CZK /1 student 680 CZK /1 student

The price includes:

  • language course (teaching time)
  • individual approach to each student and his/her needs
  • additional handouts and online materials for each student
  • entrance test for students (if necessary)
  • my transport to the lesson (in Prague).

I offer a discount for pupils/students of primary/secondary schools and universities and for non-profit organizatiations.

Step by step from an order to the lesson

  • You can order lessons by e-mail or via contact form on my website
  • I can teach personally or via Zoom (Skype, if necessary). Personal teaching takes place at a pre-arranged location (your office, at home etc.).
  • You pay for the books separately, they are not included in the course price.
  • If you can not come to the lesson, you must let me know at least 24 hours before the lesson. If you cancel your lesson less than 24 hours in advance, you will have to pay for it.
  • If I can not come to the lesson, I will let you know immediately and you will not pay for the lesson.
  • We both respect time of the lesson. If you come late, we finish the lesson at the usual time. I am going to wait for you for 15 minutes. If I come late, I will compensate the time.
  • You pay for the lesson a price which includes: teaching time, individual approach to you and your needs, additional handouts, entrance test (if necessary), my transport to the lesson (in Prague).
  • You pay for the lesson in advance via bank transfer according to the invoice.
  • If you do not make the payment, I stop the course.
  • I agree to observe discretion concerning all matters that you mention during the lessons, especially private or business matters.

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