Praha - Prčice march asi a tip for your May weekend

Do you like going on trips? Do you know a march from Prague to Prčice? It´s a famous march known by all Czechs. But where is Prčice? And when can you set out there?

What is Praha – Prčice march?


Město Prčice

In 1966 two enthusiastic tourists and sportsmen organized a march from Prague to Prčice town for the first time. Prčice is about 70 kilometres from Prague. They wanted to find an attractive destination that can be reached in one day. 469 tourists took part in this first march. About 20 000 tourists participate last years. Everyone who likes hiking and loves the Czech countryside can hit this march on the third Saturday in May. This year (2021) we celebrate the 55th anniversary.

How to take part

You find all information on the internet. This year the march will take place on the 13th of June 2021 (due to the pandemic situation not in May and we´ll see whether it´ll be possible to organize such a mass activity). You choose a place where you will start. You don´t need to go the whole 70km route. You can choose from 21 routes, from 30 to 70 km. Some of them you can ride on a bike. There is a special route for children (23 km) and wheelchair users (13 km). In the morning, you´ll reach the start destination, pay a small fee, get a map and set out. You´ll find a few checkpoints on the road and get a stamp on your map there.

Město Prčice - konec pochodu

Město Prčice – konec pochodu

On the road, there are also several spots where you can buy refreshments or plaster to treat your blisters. At the end of the trip, you will reach Prčice town (femininum). You´ll get a souvenir there, you can rest, and have a meal. Then you can take a bus and return to the start destination.


Who organizes the march?

Turistické značky – český unikát

Praha – Prčice march is organized by Klub českých turistů (Czech tourist club). It´s an organization working since 1888 and organizing hiking. Have you ever gone on a trip to Czechia? Then you had to see red, yellow, blue and green symbols in nature – on the trees, sometimes on the poles, fences… These touristic symbols are set right by Klub českých turistů and it´s a Czech rarity.

The first, red route was made in 1889! Today, you can use them for walking 43 000 kilometres! And it´s very comfortable hiking. You choose a trip route, find symbols for the route in the map (e.g. KČT website or and go. And new touristic roads still have been arising.

  • Would you like to know more about the tourist symbols? Here you can find the whole system including pictures – in English, in German, in Czech. I´d like to thank Klub českých turistů for providing me with these great materials.

Czech touristic symbols inspired other countries, e.g. Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

  • Do you like hiking? Have a look at the handout Leisure time – Hiking. You´ll find new information, learn new words and practise listening, reading, writing and speaking Czech.

Why to go for a trip to Prčice

Krajina kolem města Prčice

The landscape of Central Bohemia, around Prčice, is beautiful. Meadows, fields, hills, orchards, rivers, streams, and small villages. Prčice town has a long history and a very nice square with historical architecture.

There is also a funny song concerning the march by Ivan Mládek. Listen.

Krajina kolem města Prčice

I participated in this march in 2018. I chose a 30km route from Petrovice town. It was really a great experience. I can confirm that the countryside we were walking through is very nice and what’s more, the weather was great. I´m not a sporty girl but I like hiking. So even a poor sportsman like me can walk this march. Just 8 hours, and we reached Prčice 😊. And imagine – I met my student Albina on the road!

Pochod Praha – Prčice 2018

If you won´t take part in this organized march I recommend you go for a trip to Prčice by yourselves and walk around the town. Have a safe journey!

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13th April 2021

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