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Are you a foreigner living in the Czech Republic? Discover Czechia and attractive places, interesting people, and Czech character. It´s summer – a great time for trips. I offer you a couple of tips on where to travel through Czechia.


Liberec a Ještěd

Liberec is a beautiful town to the north of the Czech Republic. On the square, there is a town hall with a 65metre-high tower. When you climb up you´ll see the whole town with interesting architecture, its surroundings, and the Jizerské mountain. What more: a very nice ZOO – the oldest in CR (1919) with a rarity: white tigers (video) and Chinese takins. Who loves flowers will be interested in a botanical garden.

And when you are in Liberec you must go to the Ještěd (video). It is a mountain (1 012 meters) with a specific tower – very original, its author K. Hubáček received the world Perretovu award for it! You can walk up or go by funicular, have lunch and look around, there is a marvelous view from there.

Another tip: Centrum Babylon Liberec





Karlovy Vary and Boží Dar

Karlovy Vary (video) is the largest Czech spa town. It was founded by Charles IV in about 1350. You find more than 60 thermal healing springs. You can choose from various procedures and relax. You can drink the springs as well. But if you don´t like it, try becherovka – a famous liqueur from Karlovy Vary. In Jan Becher´s museum, called by a founder of becherovka, you can taste it first. There are forests and nice paths around the town. Go for a walk and visit Diana lookout tower or Jelení skok, a famous vantage point. Enough money in your purse? Try to have lunch in the exclusive Grandhotel Pupp.

Make another trip on your way home from Karlovy Vary. Boží Dar is the highest placed Czech town in the Krušné mountains. You can walk in the beautiful countryside around (video).


Another tip: the Moser china




Český Krumlov and ponds

A lot of tourists travel to Český Krumlov (video). It´s an attractive town from the UNESCO list. You will feel like not in the 21st century. A gothic castle, romantic streets, a renaissance square, and baroque houses downtown… Many museums, too. And a brewery – you can taste Eggenberg beer there. In the evening it´s time to go to the theatre: not to the ordinary one but the rotating theatre next to the castle.

On your way don´t forget to make a stop at any of the many ponds in South Bohemia and to swim for a while. E.g. Dehtář, Posměch, or Svět are large ones.


Another tip: Švihov – a water castle



Olomouc and wine

Olomouc (video) is one of the most beautiful Czech towns with a long history. You can find it in Moravia and see a romanesque, gothic, renaissance, and baroque architecture here. In St. Mořic church you can admire the biggest organ in Central Europe. There are two squares in Olomouc – the upper and lower one. On the upper square, you will pass a 35metre-high and „UNESCO“ sculpture. Don´t miss attractive Olomouc fountains too.

It´s good to stay in Moravia for a couple of days and go from Olomouc to the south, Hodoním direction. I am sure you know Moravian wine (video). Look at how it is made. In Moravian villages, there are many wine cellars and you can taste, taste, taste… For example, discover cellars in Prušánky, Velké Bílovice, Čejkovice, or Mutěnice villages.


Another tip: Tvarůžky (very aromatic cheese) confectioner´s shop in Olomouc





You will meet a lot of the Czechs on your way. The Czechs like their country. They will be interested in talking about Czechia, its heritage, and traditions with you (in Czech). Read how to get easily into the conversation.


Extra tip: You still don´t know where to go? Watch a video with the most interesting places in the Czech Republic.

How to prepare for a trip? Have a look at a handout Turistika (Hiking), A1 – Czechs love hiking! And they also love riding a bike – have a look at a handout Kolo (Bike), A2.

And what places are the most attractive for you? Which ones do you like?

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