How to learn Czech online

You have been learning Czech and would like to use the Internet as well. But there is a lot of information, programmes, applications… What to choose? What can be helpful? Don´t worry to learn Czech online. Here are a few tips.

6 tips on how to learn Czech on the Internet

1. I want to practise words


(Suitable for levels A1–C2) It is an application for PC, phone or tablet. Words concerning one topic make one set on flashcards. You learn them by filling in, playing games, choosing the correct answer, writing tests… You can find sets created by teachers, and other students and you can create your own sets. Register and start just now! You can stay offline during practising. My sets for students are here.

Flashcards – example: (click on the picture to enlarge it) 

Test – example:

Game – example:

Here are tutorials: How Quizlet works and Let´s make a Quizlet set.


(A1–C2) Sketch Engine for Language Learning. You write a word to the programme and it shows you 40 specific sentences on how to use the word (function Příklady), other words you can add to this one (function Word sketch), similar words (function Podobná slova). Have a look at what results you can find for the word DĚLAT.

DĚLAT – function Příklady:

DĚLAT – function Word sketch:

DĚLAT – function Podobná slova:

Czech language in pictures

(A1–C2) An easy game. You can see a word and two pictures and click on the picture which shows the meaning of the word. Then you can see a word and three pictures, a word and four pictures… Some words are a bit difficult, some are not. You will see what you can learn from the pictures.

Where is žába?

Ten, ta, to

(A1) Application for practising gender of nouns. You see a word and you have to choose and click if it is ten (masculine), ta (feminine) or to (neutrum). The application shows whether your answer was correct. And if you write your own word programme shows its gender. You can download the app to your phone on Google Play or iOS. You can stay offline during playing.


2. I want to check/practise grammar

Internetová jazyková příručka

(A1–C2) The programme offers you all word forms (declination, conjugation), kinds of words (what is an adverb, adjective, preposition…) and shows you how to use any word. For example, you write RESTAURACE and you know everything about the word immediately.



(A1–C2) Programme for verb conjugation. You don´t know how to conjugate e.g. the verb JÍT? Choose it in the list and that´s all.


Czech step by step

(A1–B1) Do you use books Čeština expres or Česky krok za krokem? Here you can find online exercises and practise new words or grammar from each lesson. There are also word banks, video Short Czech news etc.


3. I need to check diacritics


(A1–C2) Are you confused with writing the length, hook or circle above Czech letters? Nechybujte helps you. You click on the menu Nástroje, write a needed word without diacritics and click on Doplnit diakritiku (button down the window). The application writes your word correctly.

Here is a tutorial on how works.


4. Audio and video – I want to learn Czech listening

Výuková videa

(A1–A2) Short videos for 9 basic situations. 2 videos for each situation: for A1 students and A2 students. Topics: living, how to call an emergency, how to make an appointment with the doctor, how to call the police, how to fill in the form…Each video can have subtitles and transcription (when you don´t understand what you read). For example, watch how to solve a problem with your landlord.

Čeština do práce

(A1–B1) Are your colleagues the Czechs? Watch short videos – basic situations at work. Topics: interview, how to ask for something, how to apologize, how to disagree… Each video has a transcription and a few exercises to check whether you understand well.

Here is a tutorial on how Čeština do práce works.

Minutové hry

(A2–C2)  You don´t have time for a long video? Listen to the short audio! Here are radio dramas, not longer than 1–2 minutes. The drama has a plot, it can be funny, sad, psychological… Each drama has also transcription. You will listen to informal Czech as well. For example, listen to the drama called Chutnalo ti to?


5. Other matters of interest


Follow the FB sites of teachers, groups and students. My site for students is here and I recommend also Czech Step by Step, Český blog pro cizince, Study Czech and others.

Online materials

I prepare special materials for my students, you find them here. Choose your level and you can practise reading, listening, speaking, writing, pronunciation, words, grammar and other online activities…

Magazine AHOJ

You don´t want to search for anything on the Internet, right? Well, then buy the online magazine AHOJ (magazine for students of Czech) and you get a new issue every 3 months. You can read, and revise Czech and you learn a lot of news.


6. I want to pass the Czech exam for permanent residency

You can find everything about the exam here. You can also read my text about the A2 exam with model speaking and writing parts.


And now: don´t wait for anything and try at least one programme or application. And tomorrow another one. Choose the best for you.

Which of the programmes do you like?


Read the second part of this article, too. You could also like the article about books suitable for students of Czech. Reading is a great activity supporting your study. Choose the right book here.


13. 6. 2017, update 5. 1. 2022


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