Intensive workshop to improve your communication skills in Czech

One-day course of Czech for foreigners


  • Techniques of successful Czech communication in spoken and written form.
  • We focus on specifics of Czech for foreigners on intermediate/upper-intermediate/advanced levels.
  • I call your attention to the most frequent mistakes in communication.
  • We prepare model, frequent situations you have to communicate in.
  • You practise everyting you learn.
  • I help you to avoid mistakes you make.
  • I answer all your questions.


  • 4 x 90 minutes in two periods/1 day
  • e.g. 9─12.10 hod. and 13─16.10 hod., 10-minute break in each period)


1 150 CZK/1 person

Price includes:

  • eight 45-minute lessons
  • 3 handouts for every participant
  • list of useful literature and online sources for your help in particular situations or your self-development
  • lecturer transport (in Prague).

Place: according to agreement

For whom this workshop is suitable:

  • for companies which would like to support development of communication skills of their non-native Czech colleagues.
  • for individuals – foreigners who would like to improve their Czech communication, to find out where they make mistakes most frequently and to learn how to avoid them.
  • for students on A2 and more levels.

I appreciate when you send me a brief list of topics or situations you are interested in or an example of your typical mistakes.

If this workshop is useful for you and you would like to continue, I gladly prepare advanced course for you. It can be focused specificly on concrete topics we have found out as the most problematic.

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