Let´s get to know typical Czech behavior and customs

Do you think Czechs are closed and dismissive? Would you like to be in contact with them but they are indifferent? Don´t be afraid to make the first step – address Czechs by yourself! Let´s learn a few phrases which help you in getting acquainted with Czechs.

I want to know you, Czechs!

The Czechs need time. We need to know a new person a bit before we come closer. We are also a shame to address an unknown man first. And when he/she is a foreigner we are afraid that our English (German…) is not good enough to talk with him/her. Therefore: make the first step! Don´t worry to address Czechs.


How to start – Czech useful phrases in addressing people

 Learn a few phrases. Write down and download them, have them in your phone or diary, and use them. Here they are:


Dobrý den. (formální) „Good day.“ (formal universal greeting all day)
Ahoj. (neformální) Hello. Hi. (informal)
Já jsem (vaše jméno) Jmenuju se (vaše jméno) My name is …
Odkud jste? (formal) Odkud jsi? (informal)  Where are you from?
Jsem z (stát)  I´m from …
Jak se máte? (formální) Jak se máš? (neformální) How are you?
Dobře.   I´m fine.
Jsem cizinec a učím se česky.  I am a foreigner and I learn Czech.
Jsem cizinec a rozumím česky jenom trochu.    I am a foreigner and I understand Czech just a little.
Co děláte? (formální) Co děláš? (neformální) What do you do? (means: What is your profession?)
Co studuješ? (informal)  What do you study?
Já jsem (vaše profese) I´m a … (your profession)
Můžu vám pomoct? (form.) Můžu ti pomoct? (neform.) Can I help you?
To je hezké, že?  It is nice, isn´t it?
To je zajímavé.    It is interesting.
Dáme si kávu?   Can we have a cup of coffee?
Kam jedete? (formal) Kam jedeš? (informal) Where are you going?
Děkuju.  Thank you.
Prosím. You are welcome. (also: Please.)
Promiňte. (formální) Promiň. (neformální) Excuse me. (also: I´m sorry.)
Na shledanou. (formální) Good bye.
Ahoj. (neformální)  Bye.

Read also an article Speak to me! I endeavor! and learn other useful „opening“ phrases.


Practice listening


Audio – listen and learn how to pronounce the phrases.


When can you use the phrases?

  • You are at work and meet your colleagues in the offices, in the kitchenette. Invite them to have a cup of coffee. If you are acquainted with them a bit more, invite them on a trip or organize lunch, dinner, or a beer together. You live in the dormitory and meet students in the corridor, kitchenette… Address them and introduce yourself. Ask them what they study.
  • You are at school and meet students during lessons and lectures. Address them and introduce yourself. Ask what they study.
  • You go by bus or train. Address the man sitting next to you and ask where he/she is going.
  • You are in a shop and see that someone needs help (to take goods from a shelf, to find some goods, to read a label…). Address him/her and offer your help.
  • You are in a shop waiting in a queue at the cash desk. Address the man in front of/behind you and offer your help (to put goods on the cash belt…).
  • You exercise in fitness. Address a man you meet there regularly, introduce yourself, and ask how he/she is. (You can apply this to any activity which you do regularly and meet people there.)
  • You are at the doctor sitting in the waiting room. Address a man sitting close to you.
  • You are in a restaurant or a café alone. Choose a table where someone has been sitting. Ask if the seat is free. Sit down and introduce yourself.


Share your experience and get a new one. Where?

Also don´t worry to use your hands, legs, or whatever can help to „melt the ice“ (that´s a Czech phrase that means to stop being closed or refusing). Don´t let yourself discourage yourself. We, Czechs, are quite closed but not forever. Give us some time and we open out.

And now: Go! Write me about how it went.


You can read this article also in the Czech version.

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