Do you like cooking? Here is a new study material: cookbook Učte se češtinu v kuchyni. In this e-book, there are four recipes, a lot of activities for Czech training, key, methodical notes for teachers, and a dictionary. You can gain the e-book here

Have you ever cooked in the lesson? I have and it was a great time for me and my students as well. Try it too. A new cookbook for students and teachers Učte se češtinu v kuchyni helps you.


It is an e-book  which contains:

  1. 4 easy recipes – handouts for students + activities for practising Czech (for copying)
  2. Key
  3. Methodical notes for teachers (4 lessons is prepared for you!)
  4. Brief Czech-English dictionary

I have tested all activities with my students many times. You don´t need much time, special ingredients, or tools. It is easy cooking. And what more – various Czech exercises: reading, speaking, online activities, new words and pronunciation practising, grammar revision, diacritics, writing… You can also watch some student´s videos and pictures for your inspiration.


Texts and activities are suitable for A1 students (and higher levels as well 😊).

Teachers gain methodical notes on how to prepare a whole 90minute lesson. It is easy to copy all handouts with activities (format A4).

Cooking is a lovely activity and perfect training for everything you have learned in Czech 😊.


Let me also introduce the e-book in person in a short video.

You can buy and download the e-book in pdf here.


Do you like the e-book? Write to me please what you have cooked and how it was going.


Do you need other materials?

NEW Nakupujeme_A1 (We do shopping), Nakupujeme oblečení_A2 (We do clothes shopping), and Nakupujeme elektroniku_B1 (We do electronics shopping)

You can find these handouts for students here.


This article in the Czech version.

7th March 2019

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